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Welcome to Corvette Dreams! If you have a dream Corvette or a Corvette dream, you've come to the right place! is dedicated to providing the C5 owner or enthusiast with comprehensive product reviews, detailed installation instructions, helpful technical articles, racing information and more.

In addition, you'll be able to track the modifications, performance, and racing results generated as we work on our 1999 C5 Coupe test car. This C5 is used as our test bed for almost all installation reviews and performance evaluations. You'll be able to see the real results (or lack thereof) of each modification and upgrade product tested and reviewed.

Features and General Tech

Corvette Dreams News: As you may already have noticed, things are changing at We're preparing a new format designed to be easier to read, quicker to load, and filled with even more information. The existing product reviews and installation instructions will be separated into new areas with scores of additional information and articles.

We've got a huge number of articles in work right now. We'll have detailed information on Bilstein Sport Shocks, Vinci Constant Fan Controller, PIAA 1100 replacement driving lights, Kirban Kwik-Shift, Euro Tail Lamps, GM T1 racing sway bars, DRM coil-over suspension kit, Hardbar harness bar and Tech Team harness, DRM stainless steel brake pistons, DRM brake bias spring, DRM braided steel brake lines, GM heavy duty racing rotors, EBC Green Stuff brake pads and more. In addition, we're working on how to articles including changing all your driveline fluids and brake bleeding (including a power bleeder product review).

Vendors and manufacturers! If you'd like to see your product extensively reviewed along with detailed installation instructions, please drop us an e-mail and we'll make the necessary arrangements. Complete testing and review guidelines are available upon request. Please keep in mind that all reviews are written without regard to how the product was obtained.

If you have any comments or questions, links or suggestions, please drop us some feedback and let us know!

New articles online in .PDF format: The first of the new articles are now available for viewing and download! All these new articles are in Adobe Acrobat format for excellent legibility and compatibility.
Corvette Buyers Guide: All this info is fine and dandy but how in the heck to you get the car in the first place? Well, we can't help you with the money but we can offer some insight into finding the car you want at the price you want.
Oil Change Procedure: The C5 requires some special treatment for oil changes. Here's a quick, safe and easy oil change procedure.

Reviews, Installations, and Performance

Installed Tesla G-Tech Pro performance computer: This is a neat little accelerometer system which can display your 0-60 time, quarter mile (trap time and speed), 60-0 braking time and distance, as well as continuous and instantaneous G forces, plus horsepower. It's very accurate and saves a lot of trips to the drag strip. The G-Tech Pro attaches to the windshield and plugs into the 12V power jack. It's great for measuring changes as you modify your car. The real world accuracy of the G-Tech Pro is +/- 1/10 of a second 0-60, +/- 1/10 of a second and +/- 1 MPH in the quarter-mile. The only thing wrong with the G-Tech/Pro is Tesla's decision to produce the product with a non removable power cord. I really don't like a large coiled cord in my face all day so I decided to fix this oversight. Since the case is so small I had a limited choice of plugs to use. I ended up with a Radio Shack enclosed 1/32" mono headphone jack. It fit perfectly in the G-Tech/Pro housing where the cable strain relief used to go. Installation was straightforward with a little bit of soldering. I then put a 1/32" plug on a 12V cord for a removable, portable solution. I also hard wired a hidden cord in the car so I could leave the G-Tech/Pro permanently mounted to the windshield. Chevrolet was nice enough to provide an accessory connector near the fuse box on the passenger side firewall. The owners manual has full details. It was easy to stuff the wires in the overhead molding. The pillar molding snaps off, as does the sill trim. Running the wire is super easy. It's a pain to work under the dashboard but that's pretty much the story on any car. If you do this, make sure you wire a fuse inline to protect your G-Tech and the car. I also wired my radar detector in parallel at the same time.
Air Box Replacement: I started with a long awaited MTI Performance Air Box and ended up almost back where I started. I learned a lot along the way so read on and save yourself a lot of trouble!
Drag Racing: With 1600 miles it time to see how our test vehicle performed at the strip. The car was fairly stock (with just experimental airbox modifications) and it did pretty well. Predictably, traction was a major problem.
B&M Ripper Shifter Installation: The stock shifter is pretty good but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement! The Ripper from B&M has arrived!
Throttle Coolant Bypass Installation: It's easy, it's cheap, and it might just get you a little bit more power. Why the heck not!
MAF Body Replacement Installation: You can get some reasonable power gains from changing your mass airflow sensor. You can get almost the same results by just changing the MAF body and it's inexpensive to boot!
Recalibrated MAT Sensor Installation: If you have a '99 or later, don't bother. Then again, maybe you'll get lucky. Read on for a quick and easy '97 and '98 modification.
Pro Flow+ Installation: It's the airbox replacement saga, part two! The Pro Flow+ is a excellent product that does all it promises. Read on for the conclusion to this odyssey.
Drag Racing: With all this new stuff it was time to revisit Carlsbad Raceway. The car really improved with a best trap time of 13.146! The best trap speed was all the way up at 111.61 MPH! Wow!
Corsa Indy Installation: The stock exhaust note is weak, no question about it. The Pace Car uses the Corsa Indy Exhaust so you can be sure it's good enough for your car too!
CAGS Eliminator Installation: If you have a manual transmission, you already know how annoying CAGS can be. Don't worry! It's an inexpensive and easy job of eliminating it once and for all!
Performance Hood Seal Installation: Here's something I never would have thought of. Mid America (and now others) has introduced a seal designed to reduce drag and keep the engine bay cleaner. I don't know about drag but it does seem to keep the dust out. It's easy and cheap and all detailed right here.

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