MAF Body Replacement Installation

It's common on modern performance cars for people to replace their mass airflow (MAF) sensors. Stock sensors are often restrictive or calibrated poorly. For the most part, the stock MAF calibration on the C5 is pretty good. I couldn't see spending the money for a new MAF to get the moderate gains that go with it. Then C5 Concepts introduced replacement end caps (basically the MAF body) to retrofit the stock MAF. The end caps cost one third less than a new MAF and offer almost the same performance gains (on a mostly stock engine). The C5 Concept ends are ported and polished aluminum. Recently, other vendors have introduced MAF bodies made of plastic which is less expensive and technically transfers less heat to the incoming air.

Installing the replacement MAF body is very simple. First remove the intake tract from the throttle body. Next remove the MAF from the end of the intake tract. Now disassemble the MAF using a torx screwdriver. Be very careful not to touch the wires inside the MAF. One wrong move and you'll be replacing the whole thing! Once you have the end caps off it easy to see that the new caps are larger in interior diameter, smoother, and offer less restriction by removing the center venturi. Bolt the new body on the MAF and make sure everything it tight. Reinstall the MAF exactly the same way you removed it and tighten up all the clamps. After all the wires are connected, fire up the engine and make sure it idles correctly.

Since this modification was done in concert with a few others, it's impossible to tell exactly how much gain was realized. From what I've read, it's worth the small investment of time and money.

MAF Body Replacement Installation Images

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