Recalibrated MAT Sensor Installation

Another inexpensive and easy modifications is a recalibrated and relocated manifold air temperature (MAT) sensor. The stock MAT sensor is located on the rigid part of the intake tract (the part that passes over the top of the radiator with the C5 logo). The replacement sensors are recalibrated for more aggressive timing and relocated to a more optimum position.

Let me start right out and say that this did not work. From what I understand, the timing curves on the '99 and up C5's are more aggressive than the '97 and '98. The new MAT sensor caused detonation at the drag strip and no amount of messing around would fix it. Your results may be better but if you have a '99 or newer I wouldn't bother.

The installation is very easy. First remove the rigid part of the intake tract (with the C5 flags). You'll have to unplug one connector before you can pull it free. This connector plugs into the stock MAT sensor. You'll notice a cylindrical protrusion on the opposite end of the tract from the stock sensor. This is where the new MAT goes. Drill the correct size hole for your sensor in the exact center of this area. Install the rubber grommet and then the new sensor. Reinstall the intake tract and connect the new sensor to the cable. I routed the new cable under the intake tract and secured it so the connection (which on mine was pretty weak) didn't come loose. It's a good idea to disconnect the battery and reset the computer before you start driving so the car has a fresh start figuring out the new sensor readings. After a day or two, run the car hard and listen carefully for detonation. If you hear pinging, disconnect the new sensor and forget about it. I left mine in place to plug the hole I drilled.

Recalibrated MAT Sensor Installation Images

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